David Lynch Is Teaching an Online Class on Creativity and Film

“Ideas are everything. We’re nothing without an idea. So I go where the ideas lead,” says David Lynch in a new series for MasterClass, an online platform offering lessons in various art forms by experts in the field. Lynch’s 13-class series sees the cult director teach creativity and film, offering insight into everything from how he comes to his ideas (“you don’t know when they’re going to come, or what will trigger them”) to daydreaming and rule-breaking in cinema. “You want to make a feature-length film, all you need to do is get 70 ideas,” the filmmaker says in a trailer for his class. “You write these scenes on 3x5 cards, and when you have 70 of them, you’ve got a feature film.” Available to enroll on now, Lynch joins an impressive line-up of cultural figures offering their own expertise on MasterClass: Natalie Portman teaches acting; Spike Lee teaches independent filmmaking; Marc Jacobs teaches fashion design; and Margaret Atwood teaches creative writing.

Head to MasterClass for more information.