Thomas Gorton

Thomas Gorton is the Editor of Dazed Digital.

LibraryLongread21 SavageIssue 29Thomas Gorton
21 Savage Another Man magazine cover 2019 issue 29
Style & GroomingCover Story21 Savage: The Artist Is PresentHe started the year at the top of the Billboard 200. Two months later he was arrested by ICE. Still on bail but back on the road, the 26-year-old is guarded, subdued and not in a hurry to pick up the phone. Has trap’s firebrand been dimmed?Thomas Gorton
Martine Rose x Nike collaboration 2018 interview Craigslist
Style & GroomingFeatureMartine Rose on Why She Launched Her Nike Collaboration on CraigslistSpeaking to Thomas Gorton, the designer discusses blurred lines and Britain’s strangenessThomas Gorton
Country Life
Life & CultureFeatureWhat Roxy Music Means to MeThomas Gorton shares what the band – specifically the artwork of their 1974 album Country Life – means to himThomas Gorton